I fall in love with this song.. I met a new, good friend, which taught me a lot of things.. I got to know this song from the person; whom I called “Dang Badang”.. The song’s lyrics portrayed exactly what’s hidden deep inside my heart.. I always tell myself.. I should just be me.. Nothing […]


Hoping and praying for the best for Final PRO III exam that is still ongoing and finishing soon.. Pray hard to ALLAH for a good news during results announcement this coming Thursday.. Aminn, insyaAllah.. But sometimes I do doubt on my ownself.. When I started to doubt on my patience, my waiting, all my endurance, I’ll […]

This Feeling is LILLAHI TAALA

This feeling, I’d try anyway, To throw everything & hiding it away, To ALLAH I bent my knee, pray & pray, If you are not for me, give me strength to untie, & let’s just be okay. However this feeling, This feeling is still there, Stuck in my heart & still stay, No matter how […]

I believe..

“Sorrow prepares u for joy.. It violently sweeps everything from ur house, so that new joy has space to enter.. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of ur heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place.. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that the new roots hidden beneath have […]

Something about 1%..

Something about 1 percent.. hmmm.. It also can be something about 10 cents.. Synonym.. hahaha.. =P Have u ever go to a shop and wanna purchase for something, then u realized that: “oh..!! not enough 10 cents..” Then, just because of lack of that 10 cents, u can’t buy what u want..Previously, when ur 10 […]

It’s May…!!! xD

Today is 1st of May.. Ohhh… It’s May..!!! xDD May… A lot of things gonna happen this month.. I guess.. Mother’s day, study days, exam days.. haha.. All those in May… =P I have another less than 20 days to study for my exam.. I’ll never give up.. I’ll try my best, to do the […]

I wanna jump higher..

Pija…. jia you..!!! When u feel like there is no hope, please, please, please remember how u came here.. Even since the very first time, even since before u step u feet here in this place, even since before that, there were a lot of problems that u’ve encountered.. But at last u managed to […]

Recently… =p

~I wish to see u happy~ Went out with my ex-roommate for dinner and shopping.. She asked me how about my being recently.. I know she is concern about me.. Thanks a lot for that.. Honestly speaking, even I look calm and act cool(perasan! =p), actually I’m really worry about what happen in Sabah.. =/. […]

If one day..

If one day u feel like crying..Call me..I don’t promise that I’ll make u laugh..But I can cry with u… If one day, u want to run away..Don’t be afraid to call me..I don’t promise to ask u to stop..But I can run with u… If one day u don’t want t listen to anyone..Call […]


Life is always a mystery.. Smiles may be worn to hide tears.. Those who seem happy, may be keeping in their heart, some pain so severe.. Even tears are words that heart can’t say, but I want to stop it.. Please.. Stop crying!!! If u can’t laugh over the same funny thing over and over […]