Something about 1%..

Something about 1 percent.. hmmm.. It also can be something about 10 cents.. Synonym.. hahaha.. =P Have u ever go to a shop and wanna purchase for something, then u realized that: “oh..!! not enough 10 cents..” Then, just because of lack of that 10 cents, u can’t buy what u want..Previously, when ur 10 cents drop out from ur purse while walking, and u just like: “nvm.. ignore it.. it just 10 cents..” But now, u can’t get what u want..  WHAT..??? JUST BECAUSE OF THAT 10 CENTS!! Yup.. exactly.. Just because of that 10 cents.. In which, usually u don’t really care about that 10 cents.. For u it is invaluable.. Or maybe less valuable (just try to use a nicer word)..=/

That’s exactly what I feel.. Just because of that 1 percent, I lose my opportunity to get an A for my medical exam.. I got A’s for all other papers for my exam, but just because of my MCQ, I lose that 1 percent to get an A for overall grade.. Feeling sad, disappointed with my own self.. A lot of thoughts appears, dancing in my mind.. ‘If just..~”. No! There is no such IF in this life, once it became past.. =(. I tell myself: “Pija, just keep ur head.. Please don’t make the same mistake next time..” 1 percent maybe it just a small, little thing, but it do change the meaning of something..From fail to pass.. From B to A..

But, anyway.. I supposed to thank ALLAH, Alhamdulillah, that I passed my medical exam.. Maybe I didn’t get an A, but I still better than those who fail.. I should be grateful of what I have because maybe there is someone outside there, that fail the exam, wishing that he/she get the grade that I’ve got.. Yeah right! So, please be thankful and grateful for what u have.. Half a loaf is better than no bread at all.. =). I found a quote: “I complaint, crying that I have no shoes, untill I saw a man with no legs.. Life is full of blessings.. Sometimes we’re just blind to see them..” Exactly!! I should be thankful for what I have.. =))


Behind everything, there’ll be something.. ALLAH makes it not early, but it’s not going to be late.. It will happen at the right time.. Even maybe not now.. So, for everything that I want, but I still haven’t achieve them, I believe.. It’s gonna happen, maybe not now, not within this recent of time, but for sure it will be, at the right time, that ALLAH wants it to be.. I just have to be patient, never give up, and don’t ever fade my believe towards The Almighty.. Jia you..!!!Thank u ALLAH.. Thank u for all ur blessing for me.. Thank u for always be there with me.. Thank u because YOU always care for me.. Thank u for everything! Me.. I’ll never give up.. Especially in another 1 week time, I’m gonna have my final exam..mai pun tua!!!  Look at the bright side of life.. There’s a rainbow always after the rain.. There’ll be no rainbow without rain… xD



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