It’s May…!!! xD

Today is 1st of May.. Ohhh… It’s May..!!! xDD

May… A lot of things gonna happen this month.. I guess.. Mother’s day, study days, exam days.. haha.. All those in May… =P

I have another less than 20 days to study for my exam.. I’ll never give up.. I’ll try my best, to do the best for that.. Cett.. Padahal malas..!! =,=. Pija.. Mai pun tua.. Either u run the days or the day runs u.. So, it’s ur own choice.. Choose! Just do it.. Work for it.. Even if u fall on ur face, u’re still moving forward.. =)

For Mother’s day… hmmm.. Like usual.. I can do nothing other than wishing my mom for that.. But, I’m planning to maybe bake a cake and decorate a card for my mom.. Later.. After coming back home… =))

And.. Another important thing.. hehe.. =). I’m gonna turn 22 this May.. Owh yeah.. Tua sudah… =p. What I wish for this coming birthday.. Nothing special.. I just wanna be happy, and surely enjoy everything in my life.. I just wanna be me.. xD

~Gambar sekadar hiasan.. Thanks to Google… =pIMG_8047


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