I wanna jump higher..

Pija…. jia you..!!! When u feel like there is no hope, please, please, please remember how u came here.. Even since the very first time, even since before u step u feet here in this place, even since before that, there were a lot of problems that u’ve encountered.. But at last u managed to study here, to step ur feet at this land (even actually I don’t like it.. =p), to achieve what u’ve been dreaming of all this while.. So please.. Remember all those.. All those things that u’ve encountered and manage to gone through all of them even it was tough.. The challenges that u face now it just like a bump that can makes u jump even higher.. Believe in urself that u can do it..!!! mai pun tua..!! and once again jia you..!!! =p


I wanna jump higher… as high as I can.. I wanna dream greater.. & reach the stars in the end… Dear ALLAH.. please alway bless me.. amin… =))


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