Recently… =p

~I wish to see u happy~

Went out with my ex-roommate for dinner and shopping.. She asked me how about my being recently.. I know she is concern about me.. Thanks a lot for that.. Honestly speaking, even I look calm and act cool(perasan! =p), actually I’m really worry about what happen in Sabah.. =/. About all the Sulu thingy that makes thing harder and complicated there.. Over the sea and far away.. I can do nothing, I just can pray..To her, I tell all those misery things that haunted my mind after she asked me… She did advice me to just keep my head on the thing and just keep praying.. She then asked me about other things; study, friends, relationship, all those problems that burden me (can’t mention here), I don’t really share other problems with her (don’t wanna burden her with my personal prob).. I felt so comfort and even felt like wanna burst into tears when she told me that : Pija, I wish to see u happy..” It’s words from a friend of mine who is really concern about me.. She can knows that I’m such in my trouble time recently, with a lot of problems come to me.. She said: Of course I know u, because we are similar streotype”.. =p.. hahaha.. Thank u friend.. For always be there with me.. Even we rarely hang out together, but when any one of us is having our hard time, we are there for each other.. Last time was ur time.. Now is mine.. =’). 


~This is the end~

This is the end.. For my 3rd year.. Actually not yet la.. =p. hahaha.. What I meant is, today is the last day for my PBL and clinical teaching session.. & Tomorrow is gonna be the last day for my lecture before the exam.. =(. It doesn’t matter about the exam.. The thing that matter is, this is the last time for me in studying medic.. I know next sem before starting my clinic, I’m gonna have the medical posting.. But it’ll be not the same as now.. It’ll be without my medical friends.. It’ll be with totally different environment.. Especially, when I start focusing on my dental stuffs.. Rather than studying medic.. Nvm Pija.. Life must go on.. There is nothing in this world that is permanent.. Everything change and gone.. Everything just temporary.. Even life.. So just keep going and holding on.. =)). Pujuk myself..


Image~last clinical teaching session for O&G block and for my medical study – with my PBL mates; group 2 Dental & Dr Rehana (she is a very nice dr.. xD)

Image~ Dental Group 2… xD



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